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Banner Stands & Exhibition Pop Up Stands for Trade Shows London. Promotional Marketing Advertising Display Counters, Event Print and Design UK...

  • Banner Stands Banner Stands

    Portable freestanding banner stands uk, for use as advertising displays marketing for conferences and company trade shows in London.

  • Pop Up Stands Pop Up Stands

    Exhibition pop up stands are designed for large format display solution for exhibitions, trade shows and events. Pop up design service Available on all pop up stands.

  • Display Stands Display Stands

    Display stands cover a wide selection from flag banners, pop up counters, portable marketing counters, outdoor banner stands to exhibition stand.

  • Counters Counters

    Promotional Counter for portable advertising and promoting product and service. Ideal to launch new brands and as a taster counter for marketing. Supplied in a selection of styles and sizes to suit your campaign needs.

  • Printing Printing

    Exhibition printing service for all your event and trade show exhibiting needs. Wide selection of fast friendly printing and design service London available 24 hours though out the UK. We print banners and pop up's also exhibition stands and other related media for exhibiting.

  • Design Design

    Exhibition design for events and exhibitions. Comprehensive design agency London with multiple design and innovation awards for branding. Fast friendly design service for banner stand design and exhibition pop up stand design.

  • Accessories Accessories

    Exhibition accessories for trade show event exhibiting. Handy accessories for use with your exhibition display needs, category has a selection of handy display equipment, including exhibition lights, exhibition cases, A4 Literature Stands and exhibition furniture bundles.

Banner Stands and Exhibition Pop Up Stands Printing and Graphic Design London

Banner Stands

There are many different types of banner systems available, but do you know the difference? What are the benefits of choosing one stand over another? Costs can vary greatly when you are shopping for retractable banner stands so you will need to consider which one is best for your requirements. Here are the basics. Banner Stands The size of a pop up banners is one main factor that decides the final cost to you. The larger the banners, the more visual impact it will have, but the more expensive it will be. PVC printed banner graphics are strong and are ideally suited for pop up banners that are wider than average due to the durable nature of the material. The ideal material for smaller display stands is a specialty synthetic banner media that is tear resistant and will produce a bright, high contrast image when printed onto. This is then laminated to provide extra protection against scratches and scuffs. Smaller pop up banners will be less expensive generally than their wider counterparts.

Mechanism & Casing

The retractable banner stand mechanism and casing are also deciding factors in the cost of a stand. There are a number of companies which specialise in manufacturing banner display stands. Stands that are imported may be manufactured to a lesser quality than European or UK stands. This may be reflected in the price that you ultimately pay for the stand.

We only supply quality made banner systems from companies in the UK. These stands come with a warranty on the casing and internal recoil mechanism. The best stands come with a 10 year warranty on hardware. Quality brands we use include Ultima display and Plex display among others.

Pop Up Banner Stands

Pop up banner stands are designed to do exactly what they are called retract. Banner print and design service for all your banner needs. We offer a 24 hour service on all our banner systems, from 85cm Pop up banner to 2.4m wide banners. All banner systems come complete with graphics and ready to use. 10 year hard wear guarantee for base cassette system, graphics are not covered.

Pull Up Banner

Banner systems use many different generic names to describe exhibition banner products for use as portable marketing banners. Pull Banner or pull up banners is quite a common name used and associated with this style of stand as the banner is pulled up from the base giving it the name pull up. There are other generic names given but this name most aptly describes the product. 24 hour service available for pull up banner systems, order your pull up banner before 11am on the day of purchase and get your banners back for next day delivery. Pull up banners also come with optional design service for fast friendly quick turnaround pull up banners.

Exhibition Pop Up Stands

If you frequently attend exhibitions and trade shows, you will be familiar with the ever popular exhibition Pop up stands. If you are new to exhibitions, let me explain what these are. Everyone with an exhibition space at these events needs some sort of display. It's no good turning up with little more than some handouts and a smile; you need something to draw attention to your products and/or services. An exhibition pop up stand acts as a backdrop which enforces your company's image and branding and lets you stand out from your competition. This is an essential part of any exhibition display, so you need to choose the right one. Exhibition Pop up stands come in varying widths. There is a lot that you can do with a pop up stand - the only limitations are space and budget; the rest is up to your imagination.

An example of an average pop up stand is a 3x3. The size of a 3x3 is typically 2.5m wide by 2.2m tall which is suitable for most standard exhibition spaces. This comes with 5 graphic panels comprised of 3 centre panels and 2 end panels. A 3x3 will suit most exhibition requirements, but what happens if you have a bigger space to fill? What if you want to make a big impression and outshine your competition? In this case, you have a number of options.

Double Sided

Double sided pop up stands are only suitable for certain display spaces where visitors have access to your stand from both sides. The advantage of this is that you effectively have twice the visual area, increasing your visual presence at an exhibition. This may mean that you have twice the chance to get noticed.

Increased Width

As mentioned previously, a basic 3x3 when assembled is around 2.5m wide, but what if you have a very wide exhibition space? Then you'll need a very wide pop up stand. Because pop up stands are almost modular in nature, a number of frames can be arranged side by side then joined by 'ghost' panels to make one continuous pop up display. This way, almost any exhibition space can be catered for.

Display Stands

The term Display Stands encompasses many different types of exhibition and trade show displays. The common factor with these stands is their usefulness at events which are designed to promote products or services for business. They come in many different forms including outdoor banner stand systems, promotional counters, eco banners, pop up counters, big outdoor stands and trade show stands. Each one of these products is designed to provide a specific exhibition solution. For example, during the summer months, many events are held outdoors. If your business attends an outdoor event, you need a display suitable for outdoor conditions. Our outdoor stands are waterproof and can be weighted for stabilisation. We also supply counters for use at indoor exhibitions which can help with customer interaction, or all-in-one trade show stands which provide a straight forward option for trade show exhibiting. We also supply eco banner stands which are manufactured using bamboo - a renewable resource which is kinder to the environment than standard materials and manufacturing processes. We also supply many other types of exhibition display that are not listed on our web site.

Exhibition Stands

We offer a wide selection of exhibition stands and related exhibition equipment for all exhibition eventualities. Our products and services are delivered on time and within budget for all trade shows exhibitions and events. We offer a wide selection of products that are custom made to your companies requirements, from design to manufacture we can do it all. Our exhibition services for display stands and related products from internal and outdoor marketing displays.

Exhibition Printing

Exhibition printing service for all your exhibition needs. We supply same day fast printing service for pop up's and banners from digital printers. Wide selection of printing services for indoor and outdoor systems, full colour photographic quality CYMK and 6 colour Hexachrome. Super vivid high defininition 2400 dpi digital printing service. Quality Digital printing service delivered next day to the UK. 24 hour express service for banners and pop up printing available. We also print shell scheme back drop panels for exhibitions and trade show stands.

London Exhibition Company

London based exhibition company with a one stop shop for all your exhibition and design needs, complete design and printing service for all aspects of related material used for events and exhibits in London. We cover every service required to exhibit at any London event, we can design and print all aspects of company related branded material for the very best exhibitions or venues in London. We are based in near Richmond London but cover all areas within London

Exhibition Design

We design for a wide selection of portable display equipment for small to medium size companies, our design service for exhibition stands cover all aspects of display stands from banners to pop up's. Our designers have a minimum of 15 years experience in corporate branding and exhibition design, all our designers and print technicians are trained in large format printing. Our London design company have been nominated for multiple design and innovation awards.

International Delivery

We offer fast reliable next day delivery for international customers, we use the very best courier service to deliver your display stands fast and effectively anywhere in Europe, from Paris to Milan we get your displays there. We also deliver to Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

24 Hour Service

24 hour banner stands display and printing service on all our display banner systems and exhibition pop up stands if ordered before 11am same day. Our 24 hour exhibition printing service will deliver your banner or pop up next day if you provide the correct artwork and paid in full for delivery next day. Please note not all banners and pop up's can be delivered next day as there are sometimes physical characteristics of printing and manufacture which prolong the service. Please call to confirm 24 hour product delivery times.

PayPal Excepted

we accept PayPal for quick convenient shopping on all our exhibition products and services. Quick convenient PayPal Shopping facility with PayPal.