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Option A - 80cm Wide Recycled Aluminium
Option A - 100cm Wide Recycled Aluminium (add: £20.00)
Option B - 80cm Wide Bamboo Banner Stand (add: £55.00)

£95 + vat & delivery



Buy 2 or more: £90.00 each
Buy 5 or more: £85.00 each

ECO Banners

Eco Banner Stands UK - Environmental Bamboo Banners

We supply green products for the environmentally conscious exhibitor, our products include banner stands and portable display equipment, that are certified as an environmentally friendly. Apart from green and eco banners stands we also supply literature units that are manufactured from sustainable materials like bamboo.

Eco banners are designed to be portable lightweight marketing displays that convey a message service or image. Eco banner stands come in a wide selection of styles, size to suit your display and marketing needs, from in door to out door banner stands are fully versatile and can be erected in seconds and then easily stored when you have finished. We offer all stands from all leading manufacturers including our own design and branded stand from Stand Banner.

Environmental Banner Stands

Green environmental banner stand for environmentally friendly display stands on a budget. Eco banner is designed to be used at exhibitions and trade shows in the UK and is environmentally friendly. Recycled banners are manufactured to the highest standard and is made from renewable materials that are considered green or environmentally friendly. exhibition banners are printed to the highest standard and are equal in quality to conventional banner stands. Eco banner stands are printed at 1400dpi with water based inks that won&39;t effect the environment.
Banners are manufactured from green environmental materials that are sustainable and even be recycled after they have been use with little or no affect to the environment. We offer to options for our green clients. The first is a recycled aluminium banner display base printed on degradable materials, the second is a bamboo banner stands manufactured from a sustainable source.