Marketing Stand


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Promo Counter + 85cm Banner Stand (add: £284.00)
Promo Counter + 1m Banner Stand (add: £303.00)
Promo Counter + 1.2m Banner Stand (add: £326.00)
Promo Counter + 1.5m Banner Stand (pictured) (add: £359.00)
Promo Counter + 2m Banner Stand (add: £454.00)
Promo Counter + 2.4m Banner Stand (add: £573.00)

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Marketing Stand

Promotional Marketing Stand Backdrop - Portable Promo Display

Promotional Marketing Stands are a great way to promote products and services when portability is paramount. These displays are extremely portable, easy to assemble and designed with ease-of-use in mind. The main promotional counter includes a small shelf at the back for the storage of lightweight items. It also features a main frontal printed graphic and printed header panel (suitable for indoor display). It comes with a pull up banner stand which is available in varying widths. The Promotional Marketing Stand is easy to assemble and is designed with portability in mind.

Convenient Promotional Display Backdrop

Designed to be used at multiple venues, this stand is a convenient and simple option for promoting products or services at multiple venues quickly and simply.

Simplistic convenient display that can be erected and dismantled in minutes for convenient promotions in shopping centres and exhibiting at exhibitions and trade fairs.

Choose from a selection of different size banner backdrops to suit your marketing needs and desired impact. Custom sizes available all supplied with printed graphics ready for use.