Lightweight Pop Up


Production Time: 5

Artwork Template Artwork Template

Choose Your Size ?

3x2 Straight (152cm wide) (add: £549.00)
3x3 Straight (226cm wide) (add: £624.00)
3x4 Straight (299cm wide) (add: £649.00)
3x4 Straight (375cm wide) (add: £699.00)
3x5 Straight (451cm wide) (add: £749.00)

Choose Your Optional Extras ?

Fabric Pop Up Counter (add: £300.00)
Transit Case Counter +Graphic (add: £249.00)
2 x 85cm Banner Stands (add: £99.00)

£0 + vat & delivery

Lightweight Pop Up

Portable Lightweight and Easy to set up Pop Up Stand

The stand is a great, easy to use, almost instant display item for exhibitions, trade shows, presentations, conferences and retail. It is lightweight and easier to setup, take down and store than conventional exhibition displays. Our 3x3 pop up displays can be customised to suit most events.

Cost effective pop up display systems suitable for a wide array of uses including shopping centres or in store promotions and is also ideal for traveling on flights as the stand is lightweight and portable. Super fast installation combined with ultra light display, makes this stand ideal for any trade fair or marketing requirement. Seamless one peace graphic creates a flat finished backdrop in seconds with no need to align panels or take care and attention in storing graphics. Fabric pop ups also come with a fire retardant certificate so can be used anywhere where they require a health and safety certificate or fire certification.

The Lightest Portable Pop Up Display

If weight is a factor and speed and a must have fire certificate, then this is the stand for you. Designed for the exhibitor or sales representative that is demoing they&39;re products or services all over the UK and even the world. 

This stand is deigned to be used everywhere and with a fire certificate is ideal for demonstating at shopping centres and retail outlets.

Many people buy this stand as it is the simplest and lightest solution and is available in a range of sizes to suit your trade show space size.

Lightweight Accessories

This stand comes with a few options designed to partner up with this display and have the same lightweight qualities designed for the weight conscious exhibitor, who requires a promotional counter and even portable exhibition banners.